how to clean a glass bubbler pipe

Bubblers present a difficult challenge when it comes to keeping your pipes clean. They’re too deep to scrub with Q-tips, have too many tricky corners for pipe cleaners and often have stubborn resin that’s resistant to rinsing with a cleaner. Fortunately, has spent years of research to determine the best way to make your bubbler look brand new in a way that is safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

Can’t I Use Dish Soap To Clean My Bubbler?

Sure! You could also use bleach, motor oil, peanut butter or cottage cheese if you’d like. The problem is that none of these will get your bubbler clean and all of them will ruin your bubbler for future use. Resin and tar are extremely sticky and resistant to soap. And because it’s so sticky and amorphous, resin has the tendency to absorb the soap molecules and hold firmly to the perfumes and chemicals it contains. The result of using dish soap to clean your piece will be a bubbler that’s still coated in resin, will always contain sudsy water and produce smoke that will forever be tainted by the bitter taste of soap.

What Is the Best Way To Clean My Glass Bubbler?

  1. Empty your bubbler and rinse it well with clean water
  2. Pour an environmentally friendly and non-toxic glass cleaner into your bubbler
  3. Shake it up! Shake well for as long as it takes to remove as much caked on resin and tar as possible
  4. Empty the cleaner down the drain (Here’s where an environmentally friendly cleaner is necessary) and rinse again with tap water
  5. Use pipe cleaners or Q-tips to remove any remaining resin  that can be reached from the openings
  6. When your bubbler is crystal clear, empty cleaner down the drain and rinse with clean water
  7. Fill the water chamber of your water pipe with a resin blocker to prevent buildup from caking up your piece again.
  8. Enjoy the cleanest, safest and tastiest smoke you’ve ever experienced.

There are many ways to clean your water pipes, but only boomheadshop specializes in non-toxic methods that get your glass pristine clean while protecting the flavor of your glass. Don’t risk inhaling toxic solvents like rubbing alcohol or chemical soaps with your all-natural medication. Experience a truly clean smoke with boomheadshop!