benefits of smoking with a mouthpiece

Smoking technology has advanced immensely since the widespread legalization of medicinal and recreational herbs. Papers have become thinner and unbleached, pipe makers switched from ceramic to glass, and smoking out of soda cans in a pinch became a huge no-no. Science is proving to us that the more we understand about plants, the safer the community can become about consumption methods. People became less afraid of branding smoking devices, and have helped pave the way for this industry to really grow. What we see today, is an ever-expanding market that really has the consumer in mind.

With that being said, let’s talk about our lungs! If you’ve owned a pipe or water pipe before, you know that these become dirty quickly. Smoke does not vanish without a trace like it seems to; it leaves a resin in your piece, and resin in your lungs. I’m not trying to scare anyone… but I KNOW what my pieces look like after a couple weeks of use, and well – you get the picture! So how can we prevent the buildup of resin in our lungs over time?I’ve been using the new Moose Labs Mouthpeace for a couple of months now, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop! It’s made my smoking experience so much nicer because no matter what I smoke out of, the hits become significantly less harsh. That’s because the interchangeable carbon-activated filters act as a barrier between your smoking vessel and your lungs, preventing tar and resin from passing through. This results in a cleaner, cooler, and more flavorful hit. It’s designed to not prevent airflow or degrade terpenes, so you won’t get restricted pulls or burnt- tasting smoke.

These are scary times due to the coronavirus pandemic, and I know some of you are trying to online shop to create normalcy and give yourselves a break from the news, but I found it important to mention that the Mouthpeace is also made of 100% platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone. If you’re still enjoying smoke seshes in the comfort of your own home, keep your loved ones safe by having this around. I know that my boyfriend and I both have ones in different colors so we can enjoy our time together without adding more of a risk of transmission. These are dishwasher safe, can be boiled, and are able to withstand very hot temperatures. Even concentrate users can benefit from these filters and not be worried about it melting from getting hit by a torch!

The first time I changed my filter, I was so surprised to see how much resin had actually built up. You’ll be able to tell when it needs to be changed – trust me! The Mouthpeace has just made my seshes more enjoyable, and I feel good knowing that the majority of resin is not making it into my body. I haven’t found a piece in my collection that it can’t fit on, because it tapers small enough to fit around a joint or cigarillo, but is wide at the mouth opening for water pipes with large necks. 

I hope that if you are reading this, that you are well and comfortable. In times like these, it is important to remember to breathe, take a break, and recognize that although life is scary and full of unknown territory, that this shall pass and life will continue soon. So pick up your preferred method of smoking, take a puff, and get back into old hobbies, read a book, do some spring cleaning, or whatever makes you the happiest. Don’t forget to reach out to your friends, family, and whatever communities you involve yourself in, because we have strength in numbers. 

Namaste, friends.