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Introducing the RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers: a revolutionary product in the RAW lineup, redefining the standards of rolling paper technology. These papers mark a significant milestone as the thinnest, slowest burning papers crafted by RAW, delivering an unparalleled smoking experience.

The RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are at the forefront of rolling paper innovation. Made from the finest organic hemp, they offer a smoking experience that is both pure and natural. Their ultra-thin construction ensures an exceptionally slow burn, allowing you to fully appreciate every aspect of your smoking session. Ideal for both seasoned aficionados and those new to the scene, these papers are designed to take your rolling and smoking to an elevated level of refinement and pleasure.

  • Organic and Authentic: These papers are vegan-friendly and non-GMO, made without chlorine bleach, chalk, or dyes. This commitment to natural ingredients guarantees a clean and authentic smoking experience.
  • Perfect Craftsmanship: Each sheet features RAW’s unique criss-cross watermark, engineered to provide a slow, even burn, ensuring consistency and quality in every smoke.
  • Flexibility in Rolling: RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers provide the flexibility to roll as you please. Whether you're an expert at crafting tight rolls or prefer a more relaxed roll, these papers cater to all rolling styles, allowing for a truly personalized smoking experience.
  • Ultimate Thinness for Superior Taste: Experience the delicacy of ultra-thin rolling papers. Their exceptional thinness allows for a more direct taste experience, ensuring that the natural flavors of your smoking material take center stage in every session.

RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are available in multiple sizes, including the versatile 1¼ and the larger King Size Slim, catering to various preferences and occasions. Embrace the art of rolling with these premium papers, where the luxury of the smoking experience is harmoniously balanced with the simplicity of nature.

  • King Size Slim: Each pack contains 32 papers, perfectly sized for those who prefer a longer roll without excess width.
  • 1 1/4" Size: Ideal for everyday use, this pack includes 50 papers, offering more opportunities to enjoy your rolling ritual.

Choose the size that best suits your preferences, and indulge in the quality and craftsmanship that RAW is renowned for. Whether you’re preparing for a solo session or sharing with friends, RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers cater to every occasion with precision and style.

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malkey h.m.
brings me joy

This is my second purchase of this pen so yes I'm liking them thank you

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