Puffco Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber | Gold (Limited Edition)

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Introducing the Gold Limited Edition 3DXL Chamber, a striking addition to the Puffco Peak Pro line. This edition boasts a 78% larger bowl, providing twice the vapor for bigger, more intense sessions. The gleaming gold finish makes it stand out, adding a distinctive edge to your Puffco experience. Despite its unique look, it maintains the same incredible flavor and consistency you'd expect from Puffco's patented 3D technology. With its deeper chamber and XL Joystick, you can load more and enjoy more robust hits with less reclaim. The Gold 3DXL also allows for enhanced vapor control through the Puffco Connect app, giving you the freedom to customize your sessions. This limited edition chamber is designed for those who want both style and performance. Get it before it's gone.

What's in the box

  • Peak Pro Gold 3DXL Chamber (Limited Edition)
  • XL Joystick Cap
  • 30 day warranty

Less Spillover

The Peak Pro 3D Xl's deeper chamber means less reclaim in your airpath. Which means less maintenance. Which means less time cleaning, and more time dabbing.

Enhanced Precision

The Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL takes control to a new level with the XL Joystick Cap and a special "XL" Vapor Control setting, exclusively available in the Puffco Connect app

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Astro M.

Love My 3D XL and got it safe and on time

Dan E.
Real Deal :)

This is the best wax/oil device. Excellent company to do business with and great value on Puffco, and with free shipping too. thanks for the bliss. Wouldn’t hate to see an XXL chamber, lol. Appreciate it!

dustin b.
I love it.

If you're thinking what are you needed or not do it. It totally doubled my clouds. I'm so happy with my purchase. It works perfectly. I paid for the faster shipping and they had it to me within 3 days

Melissa L.
five stars

awesome for taking fat gloves, but does use a lot of the battery quickly

Nunya B.
Definitely recommend

It is pricey(not boom headshops fault) but worth it. This combined with the ryan fit2.0 glass allow me to get big rips like off of a typical rig, while being so smooth I didn’t think it was even hitting at first until I exhaled smoke.

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