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The Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber introduces a new dimension to the Peak Pro experience. It improves on nearly every aspect of Peak Pro performance with better flavor, better vapor, faster heat-up, and better battery life. The difference is clear.

  • Bigger clouds
  • Better flavor
  • 24% more efficient
  • 33% faster heat up
  • 3d heating technology

*Note: Firmware updates are required to use the 3D Chamber (download through the app).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Vin L. (New York)
Great product amazing customer service!!!

I’m old, lazy and I want consistency, head and TASTE!!! At the end of MY day that all I care about . Hope this helps

Stanley D. (California)
Game changer

I had the Peak Pro for about a month now and it’s fantastic. I decided to upgrade my bowl to the 3D chamber and do not regret buying it. Does as it says ,more flavor and I think thicker smoker but not by too much from the original bowl it came with. Definitely a fan of Puffco and the 3d chamber.

Krautman007 (District of Columbia)
Awesome upgrade!

Glad I got the upgraded 3D chamber, the taste is better it heats up faster seems like it’s more consistent and battery lasts longer. Wish it was cheaper but still better over the stock chamber. No pearls needed.

Roger R. (California)
Puffco 3D Chamber is amazing!

This is a quality product ! What an upgrade from the normal atty. You can definitely tell the difference when you use it. Thicker clouds!

Tim S. (Maine)

Love it

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