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includes 10 mini filters per pack

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Irena C.
Good product and shipping

I got the product in a timely manner and I love how you can split the payments

Kendra J.

I love these so much.

Keiona N.

You will not be disappointed. These filter are amazing and really make a true difference.

Collidi P.
These are absolute essentials

We live in a world where everyone is starting to understand fine particulate matter science because of air pollution, and now COVID. The same is true when you smoke. Even if you use a huge water piece, you are still inhaling smoke, ash, resin, and other particulates.

Mouthpeace filters are essentially made of the pre-filter activated charcoal fabric that is used in combination with HEPA filters in your home as the first line of defense to catch fine particles. When you use a Mouthpeace filter, you'll see the results as the filter yellows within days, and it's evident you need to toss it. That's what's NOT going into your lungs.

As an asthmatic medical patient living in a city that frequently tops the list of worst air quality in the world (right here in the US), these have saved me.

The company itself has a worthless website, and in discounting each roll of filters if you subscribe, will STILL charge you $6 in shipping every time, so you're paying $12.39/roll. I came over to Boom Headshop, paid the retail price of $7.99, enjoyed free shipping, and got the bonus goodies of mint leaf wraps, a little sticker, and a bag of Skittles!

This site also carries my favorite brands of high end, modern, well-designed pieces that don't look like they were made for aging hippies. Some of us have cultivated a more adult aesthetic and would prefer well-engineered pieces and devices to match, lol.

There's my review of the filters and this shop as a 42 year old single woman who thinks about this stuff. Your lungs will likely not only be stoked if you use these, but your tolerance will probably go down, too, since your bronchii won't be inflamed and the vapor will actually get in there. Your life will probably be better.

Logan B.

Filters are great I just took a long run me to arrive

Hi Logan, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.
After looking up your order, it looks like you may have ordered the filter replacements when they were still on Pre-order status. Pre-order items will show 'pre-order' on the product page instead of 'add to cart.'
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will be noting your account to have some extras sent with your next order, and we will also be sending you a gift card to use as well. Moose Lab Filters are in stock now and ship in the standard time frame. We appreciate your support and understanding.

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