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Step into the dusty trails of the Wild West with the Cowboy Gravity Bong—a legendary collaboration between High Times and Pulsar. Designed for the true outlaws, this piece transports you to a time where danger lurked, gunslingers roamed, and every draw from your pipe felt like the adrenaline of a high-stakes poker game.

Lone Outlaw Design

Amidst the vast frontier, this design captures the spirit of rebellion with a skeleton cowboy, defiantly clutching a mammoth joint. He's not just any cowboy; he's your guide to the most exhilarating of stoned adventures.

Unyielding Glass Mastery

Standing tall at 11.5 inches and crafted from top-tier borosilicate glass, its unparalleled clarity ensures a pure, pristine experience, as timeless as the tales of legendary cowboys.

Gravity's Wild Ride

For daring souls who crave intensity, gravity bongs are known to deliver an experience like no other. Crafted for those who seek the ultimate thrill, its gravity-enhanced hits engulf you in a smoke-filled whirlwind. It's a journey as untamed and thrilling as a rodeo, where each pull is like trying to ride the fiercest bull in the Wild West.

This ain't your average sesh. With the High Times x Pulsar Cowboy Gravity Bong, you're not just smoking; you're embarking on a wild western adventure through history's most rebellious era. Saddle up, partner—it's time to make some legends.


  • Height: 11.5"
  • Glass gravity bong water pipe
  • Signature outlaw cowboy design
  • Crafted from the finest borosilicate glass
  • High Times x Pulsar collaboration
  • Officially licensed design

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