Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Steal Your Face

Size: Medium | 16" x 10"
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Enhance your dabbing environment with the iconic Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Steal Your Face, an essential part of the Grateful Dead x Pulsar collaboration.

The Steal Your Face design is a hallmark of the legendary band's visual legacy. Whether you're a dedicated Deadhead or just recognize its cultural significance, this design is familiar to many. It first captivated fans as a part of their album art and became a standout on the cover of their 1976 album, gaining immense popularity. The Stealie emblem is distinctive: a striking lightning bolt cutting through an open skull, set against a bold red, blue, and white palette. The design is complemented by a deep blue background, adorned with ethereal swirls of smoke.

This dab mat is as functional as it is visually striking. Constructed with shock-absorbent rubber, it provides a sturdy, padded base for your glass pieces, ensuring safety and stability. The screen-printed fabric top is designed to prevent scratches and slipping, keeping your equipment in pristine condition. Available in two sizes, the round mat fits snugly around your glass, while the medium rectangular mat offers ample space for your entire collection of tools, trays, and dishes

Size Options:

  • Round: 8 inches (20.32 cm) diameter, 5mm thickness
  • Medium: 16 inches x 10 inches (40.64 cm x 25.4 cm), 2.5mm thickness
Product Features:
  • Resilient, shock-absorbent rubber base
  • High-quality screen-printed fabric top
  • Ensures protection against damage and scratches to glass pieces
  • Iconic Steal Your Face design
  • Grateful Dead x Pulsar collaboration
  • Available in two practical sizes

With the Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Steal Your Face, you're not just preparing for a smoke session; you're immersing yourself in a piece of musical history, blending legendary design with the highest standards of functionality.

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