Glasshouse Quartz Banger Set - Terp Vacuum Kit

Size: 14mm
Joint Type: Male
Joint Angle: 90 Degree

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Featuring a terp slurp banger and all the necessary accessories to make low-temp terp dabbing fun, this Glasshouse Terp Vacuum Kit will help you get the most flavor from your dabs by encouraging lift and dispersion of vapor.

The pill-shaped capsule slips down in the lower part of the banger. Then, with the 12mm terp pearl covering the lower stem, the ball cap goes on top. When you're ready to dab, put your waxy concentrates on the lower bowl. As you inhale through your favorite dab rig, the vapor will be brought in, spun around with the capsule, and slowly released as the 12mm pearl acts as the perfect carb to allow only the best vapors through.

Experience low-temp dabbing today with the Glass House Terp Vacuum Kit, the best terp banger kit for beginners and dabbing pros alike!

Kit includes:

  • Terp slurper quartz banger
  • Capsule pill
  • 12mm terp pearl
  • Ball cap

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