Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner

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We are excited to bring you the worlds first and only cleaning solution specifically formulated for cleaning your silicone smoking essentials. Eyce’ revolutionary formula is plant based, non toxic, and designed to remove that nasty gunk build up from the inside of your pipes. The best part, the Eyce silicone pipe cleaner has no alcohol! Meaning, it won’t hurt your silicone the way other cleaners will. On top of that, this silicone pipe cleaner has no dyes, no fragrances, no paragons, no glutens, no hormones, it is completely free and clear. Grab a 8oz bottles today to keep your silicone fresh like the day you bought it!

Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner

The EYCE Silicone Pipe Cleaner is the first cleaning solution to be specifically formulated for silicone products such as pipes, water pipes, mats and more! Made in the USA, the EYCE Pipe Cleaner easily removes residue and buildup while simultaneously cleansing your silicone products. Alcohol and other glass cleaners are very harsh and can slowly break down silicone products; the EYCE Cleaner is an alcohol-free, plant-based, all-natural, non-toxic solution that will maintain the integrity of your silicone products. Available in an 8 oz bottle, the EYCE Cleaner is a revolutionary formula that can also be used on glass, stone, metal, tile, and ceramic.

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