Empire Glassworks Hand Pipe - Blue Sea



Take it to the sea floor with this blue-hued spoon pipe! Crafted in California, this intricate art piece comes from the glass-masters at Empire Glassworks. The artists and owners spent over forty years fine-tuning their skills in the glass medium as fine luxury jewelers before turning their attention to top-notch smoke and vape accessories. You can experience the advanced artistry in every small detail from the textured coral, floral marbles, down to the teeny-tiny fins on every fish. You can spot seahorses, stingrays, and other aquatic life that’s been hand-worked for meticulous quality. The blue glass base itself is even swirled with green and dichro glass – Empire’s specialty! This pipe is perfect for sitting poolside or bingeing on underwater documentaries with your friends. A deep-loading bowl and side-carb construction polish off this piece with powerful puffs set to an aquatic mood. Thick borosilicate craftsmanship ensures a long happy life for your new undersea crew.

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