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Bloomer Organic Banana Leaf Cones: More than just a smoke, it's an experience that gives back to nature.

Delve into an unparalleled smoking journey with the Bloomer Organic Banana Leaf Cones, exclusively sun-cured in the serene Caribbean for a meticulous 44 days. This meticulous process ensures you experience the profound richness and authentic flavors these cones offer. Paired with the game-changing bloomer™ wildflower-blooming tips, you're promised the purest, smoothest, and most unhurried burn imaginable. Every puff will let you relish your material's genuine taste, from the start right down to the filter tip.

But here's the bloom on top: Once you're done, you're not just disposing of the tip – you're planting a future. Transform each session into a step towards a greener Earth by planting the filter tip. Watch as it blooms into vibrant wildflowers, creating a sanctuary for our endangered bees. Every puff you take is a pledge to nature, a nod to sustainability, and a gesture of love to our buzzing friends.

  • includes 2 cones per pouch
  • queen size (fits approx. 1.5g)
  • slow burning
  • 100% organic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • packaging made of biodegradable avocado straws

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jessica V.

I am very happy with my purchases, I have ordered numerous times, love the bloom cones

Holly C.

great, easy to pack and it burns well. they're super easy to accidently tear but overall good

Kerrie F.
So cute!

I love these! It's such a cool idea too, definitely getting more as gifts soon!

jene k.

tastes good and has cool flowers

Katelyn K.

Seriously the best. Have enjoyed everything I got, and they sent a pack of laffy taffy’s as well so that was pretty hype as well. 10/10 will order from them again!

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