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Cloudy Bubbles

I love it, works great with one of my old weed bongs I cleaned up for a E dab rig. I think it gives a better performance then the puffco pipe attachment that you get with the proxy.


Easy to clean, hits nice, super low profile


I am very happy with my purchases, I have ordered numerous times, love the bloom cones


Works better then thought i love it gonna be ordering another one soon


Good product, great service and fast shipping


Product is great as was fast shipping

Tasty and effective

Extremely good gummies, they taste so good. Effects are very pleasant. Love the quantity you get


I like it alot


Bigger then what expected, but still awesome I like it

Thought this was a spinner cap

I was high and thought this was a spinner cap. It is not. 3⭐️ bc it doesn’t spin lol


One of the best batteries I've had.

Very cute

My 23 year old daughter loves it


Peak pro arrived 2 days after it shipped. Great service & product

Great dab rig

This rig is labeled as recyler
I don't know where the water gets recyled to the bottom at all but this thing hits well
Using the pipe that comes with the proxy I gotta take 4 cycles on the proxy to get the same high as 2 cycles through the Cheech pipe

Side note the proxy will not sit flush as it does in the Sherlock pipe it came with - instead the proxy will sit above where it should seal - this isn't a bad thing as it can gently be pushed down to complete the seal and get milky dabs, then pull the proxy up to clear the chamber.

The proxy is the bowl for this bong - just treat your proxy like a bowl on a normal bong

Up in smkoe

Love it.

Awesome herb grinder/mill

It’s worth the money. I was hesitant to upgrade from the cheap 20 or so dollar grinders. I wish I did it much sooner

I love this! It works amazing!

Love this flavor!!

mui bueno

son buenos

Love it

Super amazing

1000% love!!!!!

I cannot wait till Watermellon Z is back in stock it’s my favorite strain it’s amazing

Neat and Discrete

Hits smooth also! Love it.

Whole pretty big

Pretty big bowel, 💙

Hard to hold

Hard to hold and smoke when it's small and slippery