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Awesome piece!

I bought this for my partner a couple weeks ago and he really loves it. It really does filter out a lot of crap without affecting the high. I’ve already recommended this product to several other smokers! Also, shipping was really fast. I had my product in under a week!

My new favorite tool

I love this mouth piece so much! It really is my new favorite tool! It makes inhalations so much smoother. Also I am definitely glad I bought the extra pack of filters cause those fill up faster than I thought. Will definitely be using this every time I smoke put of a bong now 👍🏻😁

Peak Pro

Amazing 👏. Thank you for the fast shipping ❤

Peak Pro
Second order was late but it did come

Glad it’s reputable

We love these filters.

I bought two packs of three for my pipes and bongs. They are too big for the pipes, but they work great in the bongs. Love them!!!

Super fast

Really didn’t think I’d get my mouthpiece as fast as I did really great customer service


Smokes great like any metal one hitter. Easy to clean interior. Only downside is the outer sticker- gets real dirty and isn't as straight forward to clean.

Good tool nice glow

Work as advertised

Cleaner Hits!

No Scooby Snacks anymore from my pipes and maybe I'm crazy but the hits are more smooth. I will be getting more!

shipped fast

item shipped fast and works great. rips so much harder than og puffco.

Just an overall quality piece

I love this bong, it’s my daily driver. It fits all my wants in a bong. Solid glass, beautiful design, and hits like a charm. “HIGH-ly recommended”

Will order again

Great to be able to buy these in bulk. Ever since I started using a mouthpeace I won’t smoke without it.

Glow Brite

Very handy tool and was happy to see it glows really brightly after leaving it in the sun for a bit. It is a tad fragile though.


Was skeptical, but the mouthpiece and filters are amazing.

Bee Line Hemp Wick--Thumbs Up

I like it. Little less convenient than just putting the lighter to the bong but worth it for my lungs to not directly inhale butane and it tastes better!

Lung saver !!

Every user needs these if you at all care about your health. They filter out so many toxins and do not change the experience.

MouthPeace Rules

This product is awesome and really makes the puffing a lot easier on the lungs! Filters a lot of the junk you don’t want and keeps all the good stuff. Plus makes the smoke taste much cleaner. All around win with this product and costumer service was quick, fast and friendly! Thanks guys!

My go to online headshop

This is the only spot I can find the Mooselabs filters, and they even throw in some goodies awesome customer service thanks guys!!!

Great product, Great Customer Service, Great Company.

This was not my first purchase from Boom Headshop nor will it be my last.
This Aurora water bong was the perfect piece for my collection. Old school yet modren, elegant but bold. The percolators built into the down stem make the experience even smoother, not to mention the ice catcher. Easily has become the daily favorite.
I look forward to my next purchase

It is amazimg

I love it amd it helps h
Keep all the bad stuff out of my lungs

Mouth peace

Fast shipping and great product! Absolutely love using my mouth peace!

The product itself works great!

The product itself works great, filters out the bad stuff, and 100% makes the hit cleaner and smoother, the only reason I give it a 4 star, is because the carbon filters only last a couple of bong hits before you have to trade it out for a new one, and if you’re a regular smoker, they’re kind of expensive to be buying almost every week, but like I said, other than that, they work just like described!

Beautiful glass

This blew me away! The online photos can’t do it justice. The detail in the underwater scene is stunning. Functional and artsy. I’m very impressed with it! 

It rips

First e-rig and I'm glad I got the best one, love the simplicity and the LED lights, maintenance to clean it isn't too bad either. Shout out to Cewpins for hooking me up with a deal!

Awesome service great prices

I ordered a Dr dabber switch and couldnt be happier with the service, fast shipping and unbeatable prices.

Thank you