how to clean a quartz banger nail

It’s no secret that concentrates provide a potent, terpene-rich, and flavorful smoking experience. Many stoners flock to dabs because they like to experience the citrusy, skunky, earthy aromas that they can’t get from flower alone. Vaporization is also a huge plus, as it is a less harmful way of consumption in the long run.

But what about when your banger becomes dirty? All of the residue from previous dabs becomes caked up in the banger, and it can be a real pain in the “you-know-what” to clean it once it has turned black. You could toss it and buy a new one, but some people spend an upwards of $200 on their bangers! Here is an in-depth guide on how to clean your banger and how to properly maintain it after cleaning.

Isopropyl Alcohol is Your Best Friend

What can’t iso do in the stoner world?! Since isopropyl alcohol evaporates, it is completely safe to use as a cleaning agent for your glass and quartz. To maintain your banger, take a Q-Tip soaked in iso and swab it out after every dab. It works better when your banger is still a little warm and the reclaim hasn’t solidified. Glob Mops are perfect for swabbing because the sticks are made of wood, not plastic, and there are both rounded and pointed cotton sides for getting every nook and cranny!

For those of you who take monster globs at a time, Q-Tips may not be enough. Keep a large glass shot glass or mason jar with alcohol in it at your dab station and dunk your warm (not hot!) quartz banger in it after a big dab. The warmth from the banger will make the little alcohol bath more efficient and will lift leftover residue right up. Don’t forget to dry it off before your next hit!

Your Torch is Your OTHER Best Friend

Not only does your torch provide the heating source for your banger, but it is also extremely beneficial to clean your banger too! By carefully heating up your banger to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit, you can burn off resin residue as a last resort.

You’ll want to heat the banger from all angles, starting from the bottom and working your way up. When the resin begins to glow red, switch to another spot on the banger. Keep away from the neck and the ground joint of your banger, as those are usually weaker quartz and are not meant to be heated. Try not to heat any one side for more than thirty seconds at a time, and take breaks often. With this method, the majority of reclaim should be burned off!

Other Ways to Keep Your Quartz Banger Spotless

Did you know that dabs taken above 750 degrees become carcinogenic? That’s because heat degrades the terpenes found in concentrates and turns them into nasty chemicals that aren’t good for you! Hot dabs aren’t good for your banger either. If you’ve ever heard a sizzling sound coming off of your banger, it is waaay too hot and can scorch your quartz. Try taking lower temperature dabs, and your lungs and your banger will thank you!

Reclaim catchers are an essential for seasoned dabbers. Any leftover concentrate that gets sucked into the downstem of your piece can be messy to clean up, and any reclaim that touches water is useless! A reclaimer diverts the pathway of your reclaim from going to your piece, to going into its own little jar for safekeeping.

What other cleansing methods have worked for you? Share your wisdom in the comments below, and check out @boomheadshop on Instagram for more tips and tricks!