Clean smoking lifestyle habits

Don’t lie to us: you have a piece hidden in the back of your closet that is embarrassingly dirty. We only know this because we ourselves have a handful of them from time to time, and are not proud of it! During this time, self-care shouldn’t be exclusive to bubble baths and dusting the baseboards. Your glass deserves to be restored to its former glory and to be smoked out of with pride!

A lot of people don’t maintain a constant upkeep of their glass because the task can be quite daunting. Depending on how much you smoke, keeping glass clean can be a weekly occasion. Luckily, as more people started caring about cleaning their glass, the industry rose to the occasion and have produced products that make glass maintenance a breeze. Below are a few of our favorite products that help us in the upkeep of personal pieces, as well as some accessories that make seshes more enjoyable.

Piece Water

This product is designed to prevent resin buildup before it even starts! Piece Water is used in your bong or rig instead of water, and is made of all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extract that eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners. It’s a little bit thicker than water, which makes for a stronger, filtrated pull and smoother hits.

When your piece is starting to look a little rough, just swish the dirty Piece Water around in your bong or rig and rinse with clean, warm water. Since some people have glass they like to rotate out, you can prolong the product by adding a little bit of normal water to dilute the Piece Water, and it still will work like a charm! We SWEAR by this product for people who want a quick and easy way to keep up with their glass cleanliness.

Smojo Screen

Traditional mesh bowl screens are flimsy and get clogged fast, and glass daisies are fragile and easy to lose. The Smojo Screen is the only screen that we’ve found that is durable and doesn’t prevent proper airflow. It’s meant to be a permanent addition to your piece and can be cleaned along with regular bowl maintenance. The bottom of the screen has two little prongs that insert into the hole of your bowl and pop open to prevent you from losing it when ashing your bowl!

smojo pipe screen bowl

Bowl screens are essential to keeping your hand pipes and water pipes clean, because any flower that gets sucked in adds to the buildup in your pieces. Also, nobody likes to get a nice mouthful of Scooby Snacks or bits of flower stuck in their honeycomb percs! 

Resolution Bong Cleaning Kit

Remember standing in your kitchen five years ago with a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and rock salt, just staring at your dirty bong in defeat? No amount of shaking would break up the wall of resin on the inside of your glass. Those days were not our favorites, but times really have changed and glass cleaners are now formulated to really get the job done.

Resolution Bong Cleaning Kit features a gelatinous glass bong cleaner that is environmentally friendly and free of harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. It turns out that grainy particles in traditional piece cleaners create tiny scratches on glass that make pieces build up with gunk faster (and aren’t good to rinse down your sink). Res Gel is meant to coat your piece and break up the resin over time, so you don’t have to sit and shake your piece and risk hitting it on the counter or dropping it. The Res Caps go over the openings of your piece so you can flip it upside down and let the gel thoroughly coat the glass.

This cleaner is also reusable, and the design of the bag allows for you to pour extra cleaner back into the pouch to soak smaller pieces like bowls, pipes and downstems. If you keep up with maintenance on a daily basis, you will use less product and save even more time! After your pieces have been soaking for about thirty minutes, rinse them out with warm water and let them dry. Swab out any hard to reach areas with the included flexible pipe cleaners and dip a q-tip into the cleaner for a quick spot-clean. This cleaner has changed the game, and this kit is an essential for any serious stoner to have!

Bee Line Hemp Wick

Now that we’ve gotten glass maintenance out of the way, it’s time to talk about our lungs! It’s known that combusting herbs and inhaling it isn’t the cleanest way to smoke, and a lot of people have switched to vaporization. But for some of us, there’s really nothing that compares to a perfectly-rolled jay or a fresh bowl out of clean glass. It was time for the industry to make smoking as safe as possible to lower the risk of any complications.

bee line organic hemp wick 9ft thin

Along with herbal combustion, inhaling butane flames from lighters is not ideal. It can make your flower taste burnt and chemically. To eliminate this, we use Bee Line Hemp Wick to light our bowls instead! When you use hemp wick, your bowl only comes in contact with flame, and beeswax-coated hemp string - not butane! This makes for a tasteful and unadulterated smoke that is definitely cleaner than using a traditional lighter.

Moose Labs Mouthpeace

The final product on the list is the Moose Labs Mouthpeace, which has completely changed our smoking experience! It’s a tapered, 100% medical-grade silicone mouthpiece that comes with removable charcoal filters that trap resin and prevent it from entering your lungs. We hadn’t thought about what we were inhaling every time we smoked, but after using these filters and watching them gunk up, we won’t forget to use it again! It also prevents resin from building up on your lips when smoking (a huge pet peeve for most people!)

moose labs mouthpeace

It’s designed to fit a variety of pieces; from hand pipes and bongs to cartridges and vaporizers. As more and more people are beginning to get together with their friends again, it’d be ideal to bring your own Mouthpeace to future seshes to prevent the spread of germs. Pop it on your friend’s piece before taking a rip to protect yourself and your loved ones! 

As avid stoners ourselves, it’s been fascinating to watch the industry grow and come out with revolutionary products that we never knew we needed. To be able to clean our glass fast and fuss-free has made our lives way easier, and being conscious about smoking habits promotes a healthier lifestyle. Clean glass is happy glass, so treat your piece (and your lungs) to some of these cool new gadgets! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and are looking forward to sunnier days ahead!