10 Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil

As more people are seeking out high-quality hemp products to incorporate into their daily routines, it’s imperative than ever before to ensure that consumers are educated on what goes into producing a high-quality formula that’s likely to be effective, let alone safe.  Easily, the most widely used product on the hemp market is CBD oil, which is an extremely versatile and user-friendly option; available in various strengths and flavors for those who wish to really customize their routine.

Not all CBD oils are created equally, unfortunately.  Because the hemp market is still considered to be new, it’s not fully regulated yet, which lets subpar brands get away with producing low-quality, weak, or even cheaply made CBD oils that simply won’t deliver the results that you deserve.  Also, these cheap products risk damaging the reputation of our industry as a whole.

Before we get a bit ahead of ourselves, let’s first get into what CBD oil is and how it’s used.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is also referred to as a “CBD tincture” or “CBD drops”.  It comes in a dropper bottle and contains a mixture of hemp extract and a carrier oil.  Other ingredients can exist as well, such as certain botanicals or flavoring ingredients.

CBD oil is most commonly used as a tincture, which means that it is administered under the tongue, to the sublingual tissue.  It absorbs through this tissue for relatively quick activation, with effects that can last for up to a few hours.

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

If you plan to use a tincture, the process is amazingly simple.  Simply grab a dropper’s worth of oil and pour it right below the tongue.  Hold it there and count to 60.  Then, you can swallow it.

Another way to use this product is to add it to your favorite food or beverage.  The dosing rule still applies, in that one dropper equals one dose.  You can even use a CBD oil as a topical solution as needed (depending upon the ingredients), by massaging a dropper’s worth directly into the skin.

10 Things to Look for in a CBD Oil Product

Now, let’s discuss which factors to consider when selecting a specific CBD oil product.  This way, you will be able to make an informed purchase that is the most likely to satisfy your specific needs.

#1: Lab Reports

Lab reports are critical, as they are the only way to know that a product is high in quality from an objective standpoint.  These lab reports come from a third-party testing facility.  Any legitimate CBD company has each batch of hemp extract tested by a third party, which is licensed to test the compounds in hemp.  During the testing process, the purity levels are carefully checked, along with the potency and chemical composition, plus the presence of microbes.  All of these factors put together give a picture of the quality of the product from a totally unbiased perspective.

Therefore, if you want to know the quality level of a CBD oil, look for these lab reports.  Any company should make them available on their website.

#2: CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is a means for extracting the compounds out of the hemp plant.  All CBD oils require a hemp extract, and the CO2 method is widely considered the best method due to the quality of product it produces.

CO2 extraction relies on a system in which pressurized carbon dioxide is pushed through the hemp plant, and what results is an oily concentrate rich in the compounds that we desire.  This method is ideal because it doesn’t require the use of solvents which interfere with flavor and purity levels.  Nor does it destabilize the compounds, making them degrade prematurely, like methods that involve oil infusions.  A company should explicitly state the type of extraction method that they use.

#3: Organic Hemp

Organic hemp is, without a doubt, superior to conventional hemp.  It’s grown without the use of pesticides and other toxic materials that can make their way into the final product.  Besides the fact that these toxins can lead to health problems if they accumulate in your body, they can also interfere with the body’s ability to absorb the cannabidiol.  A company should always indicate whether or not they use organic hemp in their cannabidiol products.

#4: A Clean Formula

Always pay attention to every ingredient in a CBD oil formula, in addition to the actual hemp.  Make sure that a formula doesn’t contain any ingredients you are allergic to and try to stick to as clean of a formula as possible.  

Note: Not all formulas are vegan, gluten-free or nut-free.  

#5: An Appealing Flavor

If you want to go for a flavored CBD oil, you’ll be pleased to know that you have many options.  Today’s hemp market recognizes that everyone has their own specific preferences and tries to accommodate as many as possible.  You can find natural flavors, as well as flavors derived from terpenes (plant compounds in hemp which create its flavor profile).  Unflavored options also exist for those who prefer a formula that’s on the simpler and cleaner side.

#6: The Right Milligram Strength

One of the most important factors of all is the milligram strength.  This refers to the number of milligrams of hemp extract in the formula, and thus determines how potent each dose is.  Most CBD oil bottles contain 30 milliliters, with a dropper counting as one dose.  But how potent that dose is has a lot to do with how much you experience satisfaction with cannabidiol, and it’s the milligram strength that determines that potency.

Choosing the right milligram strength depends on a few factors:

  • Body weight.
  • How severe your particular situation is.
  • Simply asking yourself why you’re taking cannabidiol in the first place.

From there, you can then select a milligram strength accordingly.

#7: Type of Hemp Extract You Desire

Remember that there are three types of hemp extracts.  None of the three is objectively superior, but you need to weigh the pros and cons of each based on your preferences and goals.

  • CBD Isolate: Pure cannabidiol with no other plant compounds.
  • Broad Spectrum: Contains every compound in hemp except for THC.
  • Full Spectrum: Contains every compound in including THC.  But the amount is so low, it won’t make you high.  Plus, it’s perfectly legal.  Also promotes the entourage effect, which refers to the way in which each compound boosts the other through synergy.

#8: Durable, Airtight and User-Friendly Package

It’s always good to inspect the packaging as well.  You want to make sure the material is sturdy and that the bottle is totally airtight so that the compounds don’t degrade.  The  bottle should also unscrew easily and have a functioning dropper.

#9: A Trusted Source

Never buy your CBD from a shady source like Craigslist or a flea market.  Choose a reputable CBD distributor, company or place of business that sells only high-quality products.

#10: Positive Reviews

Finally, it’s always good to check out reviews of a particular CBD oil before buying it, to see what others are experiencing when taking the product.

Find a CBD Oil That Offers What You’re Looking For

The hemp market offers hundreds upon hundreds of CBD oils, and some are more suitable than others based on factors like quality, potency, and chemical composition.  Now, you can find the right product-based formula for your needs to better reach those goals with cannabidiol, all by understanding the things you should look for when buying a CBD oil.