Super Scrubber Duckys & Scrubber Duckys Natural Bathwater Cleaning Concentrate Combo Pack

​Combo kit includes: 1 Scrubber ​Duckys kit with (3) Three rubber duck shaped magnetic scrubbers,(1) one heavy-duty rubber coated magnetic outer handle, AND 1 bottle of BATH WATER.
Scrubber Duckys BATH WATER Concentrate naturally removes tough built-up stains on any glass or quartz surface! Use alone in place of harsh chemical cleaners, or alongside Scrubber Duckys magnetic scrubbers for dry build up tough stains. Be amazed when you soak your quartz in the Bath Water solution, and watch the grime melt away!
​BATH WATER can be used to clean all glass with or without being heated. Safe for cleaning Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Ceramic and Quartz

Ducky size: 15.5 mm
Ducky will fit most 18mm & some 15mm down-tube openings or larger
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