Res Gel® Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Solution


Res Gel glass cleaner was formulated with your clear, clean, and tasty glass in mind. No other glass cleaner on the market can compare.

Resolution’s all natural, clay-based formula easily removes resin and tar from your glass bongs, rigs, bowls, stems, steamrollers, tools, grinders, jars, hands and even clothes.

Resolution’s patented formula is free of abrasive salts and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) making it much safer on your glass and friendlier on the environment.

Res Gel cleaning solution comes in an innovative Shake-a-Bag pouch. This pouch features a resealable pouch, making cleaning your bowls, stems, chillums, and small accessories a breeze.

No more excuses for dirty glass.

Pair your Res Gel with Res Caps

Resolution Caps are a necessity for nearly everyone. Pair it with res gel, use them for travelling, storage, & many other uses.

Cleaning a pipe or downstem?

Resolution Premium Pipe Brushes are a must for cleaning a hand pipe or downstem