Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler and Mini-Rig


The MJ Arsenal Merlin recycler Joint and Blunt Bubbler™ and mini-rig is a dual-use functional glass piece that delivers pure magic. Engineered with a recycler design, the Merlin chugs into action and maximizes surface area; by pulling water up into a higher chamber, it filters the smoke through the water multiple times, thus cooling the smoke for smooth, full-bodied hits that won’t cause splash back. Designed with a female joint to place your rolled dry material, the Merlin also comes with a custom-made quartz banger attachment for all of your liquid and solid concentrate consumption. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, the Merlin is perfect for sessions at home or on-the-go!

The Merlin glass bubbler includes:

1x Merlin Recycler

1x Quartz banger

1x Set of silicone attachments (1 carb plug and 1 banger clip)