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Smart Dab Rigs

Smart Rigs for Dabbing

The future of dabbing concentrates has arrived, in the form of the electric smart dab rig. No more wasting butane and playing with hazardous torches, now you can have dab rig performance in one compact device. While glass dab rigs remain popular in the concentrate world, the power and technology associated with electric smart dab rigs has come a long ways in the past few years. The simplicity of e-rigs combined with strong, flavorful vapor production has led to a rise in the popularity of the modern smart rig.

Electric Dab Rigs Vs. Glass

Are electric dab rigs better for dabbing herb or concentrates compared to the standard glass dab rig? There are definite advantages of both but many are starting to prefer the electric dab rig. An electric dab rig is more portable and travel-friendly. An e-rig for dabbing can dial in and maintain more specific temperatures compared to a torch and glass quartz banger. E-Rigs are designed to offer a better flavor profile allowing you to experience the intended effects of your terpenes and concentrates. Electric dab rigs save you money in the long run by efficiently using concentrate with minimal waste.

Buy Smart Rigs Online

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