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Vaping is the process of heating herb or concentrates to a temperature that is high enough to convert herbal compounds to a gas but too low to cause burning. Since there is no smoke involved, vaping is the first choice for most herb enthusiasts who want a healthier alternative to combustion. There are three basic types of vaporizers:

  • Portable Vapes: Portable vapes are usually rechargeable, but can also be powered by butane or an open flame. There are limitless shapes, sizes and designs in portable vaporizers and new features are being added every day. Some are sleek and user-friendly, others have complicated Bluetooth controls adjusted by your smartphone. Whatever your style, there’s a portable vape for you.
  • Vape Pens: Vape pens typically offer a simple on/off button as the only feature. They have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than portable vaporizers.
  • Desktop Vapes: These are more powerful than portable vaporizers, at the expense of their larger size. Desktop vapes can be fitted with “whips” for a hookah-like experience, or they can be used to fill special bags that are then inhaled from.
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