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Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are a combination of a small bong and a large pipe taking the best attributes of each. They are small and easy to handle like a pipe, and they filter smoke and cool it as a bong would. Bubblers can sometimes use a two-piece design with a removable bowl. But most often they consist of a single piece of glass that has at least five distinct sections:

  • Bowl: The area you pack the flower and introduce a heat source.
  • Stem: Delivers smoke from the bowl to the main chamber of the bubbler, below the water line
  • Body: This is where the smoke percolates in the water, filtering out large particles and cooling the smoke.
  • Carb: This is a hole in the body of the bubbler that is covered to draw smoke into the chamber and released to mix air with the smoke as it’s inhaled. These rarely appear on bubblers with the removable bowl.
  • Mouthpiece: The business end of the bubbler, this is where you inhale the clean smoke.