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Glass Pipe Cleaners

Eventually, every tobacco pipe enthusiast faces the issue of dirty tar building up in their chosen method of delivery. Whether you use a complex glass water pipe full of percolators and mini filters or a simple one-hitter, you’re eventually going to lose flavor and gain a harsh throat hit as a result of stinky, sticky resin. BOOM's goal is to provide our customers with the best way to clean without using harsh chemicals or spending hours of scrubbing. We’ve accomplished that goal with our selection of resin cleaners. But we’re not just for water pipe anymore: The five simple steps below can be used to make any pipe of any size or shape look better-than-new in minutes. Pour It Fill your device with a cleaner designed to remove resin and tar. We recommend using Resolution Gel to ensure successful cleaning without leaving any harmful chemicals behind to ruin your smoke. If you’re cleaning your favorite silicone travel piece, Eyce Silicone Cleaner is the best cleaner for you. Cap It Keep things clean and tidy by sealing all openings of your water pipe. Res Caps are specifically designed to cap your pipe in order to keep the cleaner inside your pipe and away from your furniture, clothes and floors. Shake It Ensure that all openings are sealed and shake that pipe like a Polaroid picture! The more vigorously you shake it, the harder your cleaner will work to remove stubborn resin from your precious glass. Scrub It Sometimes shaking your pipe just isn’t enough to remove the most stubborn buildup from the interior of your pipe. Scrubber Duckys make scrubbing the inside of your pipe just as easy as wiping down the outside. Rinse It Uncap your pipe, flush the dirty cleaner down the drain and rinse it with clean water. Wipe your pipe down with a clean paper towel or allow it to air dry. Smoke It! You’re done! There’s no drag more satisfying than that first hit from a squeaky clean pipe. Get your pipe BOOM clean and enjoy a healthier and more flavorful tobacco smoke today. Now that you know how to get resin out of your water pipe with resin & glass cleaners, think all the other ways a non-toxic resin cleaner can be of use to you. Say goodbye to sticky silpats, oil slicks, dab sticks, nails, grinders, one-hitters, coffee tables, countertops and storage jars. The uses of BOOM cleaners are limited only by your imagination! You’ve got your rig ready, and it’s time to do a dab! Your blowtorch is in one hand; a dab tool dipped into crystal clear, high-quality shatter in the other. This is going to be delicious! Precious memories of bong cleaners start to pop in to your head. You heat your nail, exhale, put your mouth over the mouthpiece touch the tool to the nail, inhale, and… Yuck! A harsh, resinous smoke grinds your throat and you cough uncontrollably. Your eyes tear up, and your lungs scream for water to put out the fire burning in your chest. But no beverage will wash the lingering taste of tar, copper, and cool off of your palate anytime soon. This is premium quality hash oil! Why does it taste so foul? Then you realize... You haven’t cleaned your dab rig in months! The resin is crusted on every interior surface, the nail is covered in soot, and it looks like your rig water is colonizing sea monkeys. You can buy the highest quality herb or concentrates but vaporizing it out of a filthy dab rig is just a waste of money. Don’t waste another valuable dab vaping out of a dirty rig. You deserve the best; get your rig BOOM clean and get the most out of your concentrates.