Is isopropyl alcohol good for cleaning bongs?

If you’ve invested in an expensive and fragile water pipe, the odds are you enjoy herb. The point of making such an investment is to get every hit to taste clean and smooth. However, the subtle notes of good herb are lost and overpowered by the bitter burn of resin when you smoke out of a dirty bong. On top of producing the best taste possible, why wouldn’t you also want your water pipe to be sparkling clean and beautiful?

How to Clean a Bong

You need just a few things to clean a bong. First off, you’ll need a scrubber. Scrubbers of all shapes and sizes are useful depending on the size and design of your piece. Bongs can be scrubbed with a dish brush, pipe cleaner, q-tip sponge, really whatever gets in there and rubs the residue off the inside and outside of your piece.

After scrubbing your piece, use a cleaner to remove any built up residue. For any stubborn spots that don’t come clean, use your soak your scrubber in cleaner and scrub away. Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of the glass, rinse thoroughly with tap water and set it aside to dry.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Bong?

Does isopropyl alcohol get the glass clean? Sure. However, it’s also a caustic, explosive chemical listed by eight different government agencies as being toxic. In short, it’s definitely not something you want to inhale or ingest.

You choose to smoke herb because it’s a healthier alternative to consuming chemical pharmaceuticals. You use a bong because it filters some carcinogens from the smoke. Don’t add toxins to your smoke – Save the rubbing alcohol for your first aid kit and get your bong cleaners from us. At we only carry pipe cleaning products that are safe to use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If we wouldn’t trust a cleaner to scrub our glass pipes, we won’t sell it. Stop scrubbing your bong with hazardous chemicals and let BOOM show you real herb clean.


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