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Glass Accessories

Glass Filter Tips: Marley Natural glass filters are a borosilicate substitute for paper filters when you’re rolling a joint. The glass filters feature a shallow pinch in the stem that lets smoke through while trapping ash. Each filter is fully reusable and can last a lifetime with the right care and maintenance.

Chillers: STAX by Grav Labs is the first fully customizable bong that doubles as a dab rig. Fanatics can start with their favorite style of base, grab the mouthpiece that they’re in the mood to use and stack as many percolators or chillers as they desire in between. Grav Lab’s chillers can be cooled until they are used or kept at room temperature. The glycerin inside works to cool the smoke as it makes it’s way from the bowl to the user’s lungs.

Reclaimers: Another STAX building block, Grav Labs reclaimers are used to keep a bong or dab rig clean by capturing the resin all in one small area. This resin (often referred to as ‘reclaim’) is collected in a small glass jar for later use in cooking or dabbing.Like the Grav Labs chillers, these reclaimers can be adapted for use on most bongs with a glass adapter.

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